Welcome to Along The Way!

This is the first official blog post for Along The Way!

The story behind this blog is simple – a love for travel. Carly and I both love to travel, and do so as often as we can. It was this commonality that resulted in us becoming close friends our freshman year at Gonzaga University – a friendship that has continued as each of us have wandered to opposite ends of the globe at different times over the last 7 years. And while it is fun to get back from a trip and share everything at once, there’s something about being a part of the journey as it is happening. This is what this blog is about. So that we (and our family and friends) can keep up with each other as we encounter places, experiences, and people along the way.

This project also represents a new chapter in each of our lives. Carly quit her PR job in Seattle, and will be travelling this summer to southern Africa for a cause close to her heart, before starting graduate school in D.C. this fall. She is on the Board of Directors for EKARI Foundation, which is based in Seattle, and operates in Phalombe, Malawi, where she will visit and be able to see EKARI’s work to educate Malawians toward self-dependency in action. She will meander through the forest on a safari before going to Europe for a two weeks at the tail end of her trip.

I, on the other hand, haven’t quite figured out exactly what I want to do. After working in the corporate world for 3 years, I am hoping my extended travels will bring some clarity on what my next step should be. In the meantime, I will be wandering through parts of SE Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, possibly on a working holiday visa so that I can work to fund my travels as I go.

We hope this blog provides not only some insight into our journeys, but a little inspiration for those looking to get out and experience all this beautiful world has to offer.



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