Why I Travel

For a lot of people, traveling is petrifying. Not for the plane rides, or being secluded, or even getting away from technology. It’s scary because it’s traversing the unknown. Traveling challenges you to question what you are passionate about, what you want to see when you go half way across the world, or even to the next town.

The practical aspects can also be terrifying for someone who is extremely rational and is a planner. I’m a planner and it’s definitely the most challenging part for me: learning to let go of all of the things that could go wrong, while still planning for the worst. I hope to discuss both the practical aspects of traveling as well as cool places to go in future posts. My challenge to you: go somewhere new this weekend. It doesn’t have to be far, but maybe there is a town an hour away from you that has always sounded intriguing, but you’re not sure what you’ll find so you don’t end up making the drive.


Even if it’s boring and there is nothing to do (doubt it), you can still find a bar and have a beer with a different view than you normally would on a Saturday night, and who knows who you’ll encounter when you are sitting at that dingy bar. Something could happen, or it could just be a change of pace. You’ll never know if you don’t at least make the effort.

Start small with trying something in your area, and then keep exploring. We can figure out the rest together.



2 thoughts on “Why I Travel

  1. TravelDevoted

    Agreed. So many people say “I wish I could” but they never even try. You can always find an excuse not to, whether it’s money, time, obligation, etc. We aren’t going to live like that, and we are happier for it.

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