Why weekend getaways are just as important (and fun) as longer trips…

As someone who was accustomed to working a Monday to Friday job, working at a bakery that is open 22 hours a day, 7 days a week has given me a newfound appreciation for the “traditional” weekend. Yes, I still get two (normally) consecutive days off a week, but my boyfriend does work a standard work week. So when our days off do align (aka our best friends, Saturday and Sunday), we make them count and treat them as an opportunity to do something special. Even if it is just a short weekend road trip to somewhere in our backyard here on the South Island of New Zealand. There is something rejuvenating about getting out of your everyday world and seeing something new.

Our most recent weekend adventure was to Dunedin, or the Edinburgh of the South. Dunedin has a definite identity, shaped by the many waves of immigrants, thriving arts culture, and university presence. While we only had just over 24 hours in the city itself, we packed in all the highlights and got a real feel for the city and everything it has to offer. From Gothic architecture, independent and cozy cafes, several secondhand book stores, museums, street art, NZ’s first ever botanic garden, the steepest street in the world, to the beauty of the Otago Peninsula, we experienced it all.

If you find yourself in the South Island and with a couple days to spare, Dunedin is a treasure worth exploring.

Our sweet camper van rental for the trip.


Signs you might be near a university campus…


As a product of Lebanese immigrants in the States, I was surprised to find a rather large community in Dunedin.


Part way up the steepest street in the world…
…But a drinking fountain and chickens are waiting for you at the top.



Our magical airbnb out on the Otago Peninsula


One thought on “Why weekend getaways are just as important (and fun) as longer trips…

  1. Lori Corry

    you are an amazing writer and i love how you slipped in the phrase “my boyfriend” like its no big deal. He is a gorgeous young man and so lucky to have met YOU! You guys seem well suited to a life of adventure! SO HAPPY.


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