Time for a Change…Again

I’m hitting the road again. Seems to be I can’t stay in one place for more than three months without being overcome with a feeling of restlessness. Despite settling in Queenstown and meeting some amazing people, I’ve realized Queenstown isn’t the right fit for me. Don’t get me wrong, you couldn’t find a more picturesque place to call home for a time, but just because it would be easy to stay doesn’t mean I should. And it isn’t easy to leave either, but sometimes doing what is right for you in the long run will still break your heart.

I guess that is the beauty of being a backpacker living abroad. If you don’t like your job, living situation or city, you change it – sometimes on a whim. And no one really expects anything different. When we are at home in the States, where stability and success are the standards, it can be so easy to get stuck, get complacent, and make excuses to not change your situation. We feel obligated to follow some sort of arbitrary code: You have to stay at a job for at least a year, you need to make enough to save for retirement, only invest time in things that will boost your CV. Security is valued over happiness. When you are traveling, none of these conditions or expectations apply. If it turns out you don’t like a job or a place or you’re just ready for a change, you leave. You don’t even need much of a reason – just gut feeling.

So while I arrived in Queenstown in a rush of excitement and possibility, those feelings have changed for me. And while I have no plan for when I leave (no job, or even a vague idea of where I will end up – just a ticket north to Auckland), I know that making this change will be right for me in the end.

I am thankful for my time in Queenstown. I got to throw myself off ledges, swim in clear glacial lakes, live in the shadow of The Remarkables, and fulfill a childhood dream of working in a bakery. Queenstown gave me friendships that I hope will last for years to come and my first real adult relationship as well. As I said before, my breakup with Queenstown isn’t easy in the slightest for a number of reasons, but for me, it’s right.

So here’s to hitting the road and witnessing the next adventure unfold…


xx Amanda


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