Their freshman year of college, Amanda and Carly lived across the hall from each other, and by fate happened to both be obsessed with traveling. Seven (!) years later, they are travelling to opposite ends of the globe, but stay in touch by posting stories of their adventures.


Carly just quit her job as a PR professional in Seattle to go back to graduate school in Washington D.C.. Before she heads to the East Coast, she is travelling this summer to Malawi, London, Dublin and the coast of Spain. She is on the Board of Directors for EKARI Foundation, which operates in Malawi. She has been to 20 countries (about to be 23!), but her favorite place is anywhere where she can find a neighborhood to explore.

IMG_4455Amanda first got introduced to the idea of travel through the many exchange students her family hosted growing up in Portland, Oregon. She eventually became one herself, spending her junior year of high school in Quito, Ecuador. Since then, she has lived in Mexico and Italy and visited 15+ countries. Like Carly, Amanda recently left behind a job in corporate event planning to take up a semi-nomadic life for a year. She currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand.